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TNA Genesis Part One: UK Air Date 19th January 2014

Genesis is a time of new beginnings, but was that the case for TNA? Let's tackle part one of TNA's first PPV of 2014.

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We'll start negative: opening your total non-stop action with over fifteen minutes of talking is boring, even if it is useful exposition. This was my least favourite segment, despite the good heat it drew Dixie and her crew, simply because I was more interested in checking Twitter than what they were saying.

Fortunately, the six-aside tag match was fun, exciting, and gave every performer a moment in the spotlight, especially Joseph Park holding his own against Magnus. However, it progressed neither his plot nor the antagonism between Gunner and Storm, which disappointed me.

TNA keep Samuel Shaw and his violent assaults in mind was heartening to see, if briefly shown.

I'm indecisive about the developments between Aries, Sabin and Velvet. While Velvet standing up for herself was a relief, this will be the third championship match between Aries and Sabin in four weeks and it's beginning to grow stale. Where's the rest of the X Division gone?

Similarly, I like Anderson's darker edge when his family is involved, and Bully Ray's characterisation, but the constant threat of arson in their matches is really off-putting for me, leaving me uncertain. More on that another time.

However, I'm fascinated by the idea of an eventual face turn for Magnus foreshadowed by the conflict between him and EC3. I hope something comes of it.

The introduction of the TNA investor suggests the introduction of a face authority figure to rival Dixie, and I look forward to seeing where this goes.

However, Kurt Angle running around, choking Al Snow, threatening Dixie and getting attacked felt superfluous. I would have preferred Angle's elements be placed in the six-aside tag match. I would give Samoa Joe a video segment, where he says that he's absent due to the knee injury inflicted on him by EC3, but that he will soon be back for revenge. This would give Joe something to get his teeth into, and set up a new feud for EC3 now his antagonist has moved on to the championship scene.

EC3 versus Sting did not end well. TNA refused to use a clean finish in a main event for several weeks now: it's getting old. And having Magnus come in to take over referee duties was unnecessary and convoluting, even if it did set up our World Heavyweight Championship match for next week. Not the best moment.

So what was? Madison Rayne versus Gail Kim for the Knockouts Title. It was the best women's match I have seen in a long time, focussed on athleticism over sexiness, and not even Madison's head-humping attack spoilt it for me. I loved this match, and I would definitely watch it again.

My summary? Good action, but some stories failed to progress as they should. Better than last week, and hopefully, Genesis Part Two will be an even bigger improvement.

See you on Friday.

– Stark

P.S. It would be remiss of me to end this post on anything but a payment of respect to Mae Young. Rest in peace: you will be missed.

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