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TNA Genesis Part Two: UK Air Date 26th January 2014

So Genesis Part Two: better or worse than Part One? Let's find out.

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First of all, the constant interview segments are starting to feel like toast crumbs in my bed. If we want to watch your Impact365 content, we'll go on YouTube. That's the point of it. Advertise it to us. Don't force it down our throats in lieu of new content.

I found it particularly galling because these parts gave the absolute nadir of the evening: Bully Ray musing about dropping babies on their heads. Words cannot describe how vile and inappropriate this was. I don't care how much heat you're trying to draw for Bully Ray: there are some lines that should not be crossed. Despicable and disgusting, TNA.

On a more positive note, Gunner and Storm's feud is developing nicely. Gunner suits his push, and Storm's growing frustration suggests a change coming for the cowboy that I look forward to seeing.

On the other hand, Samoa Joe squashing Rockstar Spud was a waste of time, no matter how much you want Spud to get his comeuppance for being mildly annoying. As I said last week, this could have been a wonderful set-up for a feud between Joe and EC3, but instead, we saw Joe beat up a man a third his size who could barely fight back. How noble.

And I have no idea why Eric Young thought fighting the BroMans and Zema Ion three-on-one was sensible. Nor do I know why Abyss showed up, or why he tried to choke-slam EY. This plot seems to have lost all momentum and direction and it's just meandering now, which frustrates me.

Also frustrating is the game of hot potato we're apparently playing with the X Division Title. Every time Chris Sabin and Austin Aries have fought, the belt has switched hands and it's getting ridiculous. Treat the title with a modicum of respect, for goodness' sake.

However, the cage match between Kurt Angle and Bobby Roode was amazing, my highlight of the evening. Angle's sick moonsault off the cage and the way he just snatched victory away from Roode was a fitting end to this storyline, even if the feud was stretched a little long. A very satisfying conclusion.

But to the highs must come lows, and the main event was certainly a low. Magnus versus Sting was yet another over-booked car crash. I know Magnus has to look like a cheating weasel, but surely that's possible without involving Samoa Joe, EC3, Bad Influence, Zema Ion, the BroMans, Kurt Angle, Bobby Roode AND Dixie, right?

And, of course, the Mystery Investor. The reveal teased by the American Wolves intrigues me. Although I suspect the investor might be Sting, I look forward to finding out.

For me, Genesis Part Two was worse than Part One because it was dull and nothing we haven't seen before, especially the over-crowded main event. Hopefully the Glasgow show will shake things up and bring something fresh to the table.

See you on Friday.

– Stark

P.S. You've probably heard that the Glasgow live show will be broadcast in the UK this Thursday. Although I have a previous engagement, I will record and watch it as soon as possible and my review will probably go up the following Monday at the usual time to let the rest of the world catch up.

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