Monday, 3 February 2014

TNA Impact from Glasgow: UK Air Date 30th January 2014

So Genesis was lacklustre, but how was TNA's first Glaswegian Impact?

In a word: awesome.

Image © TNA Wrestling courtesy of Rasslor.

Even the evening's biggest disappointment was positive – that the tag match between Madison Rayne, Velvet Skye, Gail Kim and Lei'D Tapa was cut short so Velvet could dump Chris Sabin. Seeing him get his comeuppance was nice, but I would've preferred to see more of the Knockouts.

James Storm burying the hatchet with Gunner was amazing. I was certain that Storm would betray Gunner: instead, he promised to have Gunner's back and was true to his word when they wrestled Bad Influence. This was more of a shock than treachery could ever have been and I was blown away by it.

Bad Influence brought their usual energy and fun, and it was great to see. More about them this Friday.

The Eric Young and Joseph Park story confuses me. The implication is that Joseph is gone and only Abyss remains, which is why he attacked the referee and got him and EY DQ'd, but I'm not sure exactly when that happened, or why EY thinks a Monster's Ball match against him is a good idea. I hope it's explained more next week.

One story that was explained more was Samuel Shaw and Christy Hemme, which is getting incredibly creepy. Shaw's Phantom of the Opera-esque mannequin of Hemme is terrifying and makes me want to know what's going to happen next with these two.

Also creepy was Bully Ray threatening Mr Anderson's wife and kids. This was less disgusting than last week, but only because Anderson got to reply with a casket lid to the face. The casket links well with the Aces & Eights funeral and the match should be interesting and brutal.

Now, the best of the show, a two-for-one: Kurt Angle and Samoa Joe. The two manipulating Magnus into giving them their match? Awesome. The two beating up and choking Bobby Roode? Awesome. Joe making Magnus tap? Awesome. Even their video packages were amazing. Joe's was haunting and Angle's was the coolest thing I have ever seen.

Magnus' thirst to prove himself in an interesting trait and I love how his enemies manipulate it, and how it causes friction between him and Dixie Carter. This and the other disagreements in Dixieland – between Magnus and EC3, and between Dixie and Bobby Roode – are also ripe with potential.

But of course, the core of the evening was the question of the Mystery Investor. The American Wolves acting as his heralds gave Rockstar Spud a chance to be hilarious, and in combination with Dixie's freak-outs, helped to keep the idea in the audience's mind. And, of course, the Investor turned out to be MVP, which conflicts me. On one hand, it was unexpected and has potential; on the other, TNA can pay MVP but not AJ Styles? These priorities seem skewed to me.

However, I still consider this show to be my benchmark for an excellent Impact. May TNA maintain these standards.

See you on Friday.

– Stark

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