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TNA Impact: UK Air Date 30th March 2014

Another Sunday, another Impact. But how was it?

Image © TNA Wrestling courtesy of Rasslor.

Negatives first, and we'll start with TNA 365. Interviews? Fine. Long repeats of last episode? Boring. Summarise and get on with it, please.

Kenny King's return was lacklustre. Weeks of build-up for him to arrive with no fanfare and do nothing. You couldn't have waited until his first actual match next week?

As a match, Bully Ray and Bobby Roode's segment would have been fine. As a fight, it dragged and was in dire need of sparkle.

And my low point of the evening: Gunner versus James Storm. The match? Great. But the ending? So frustrating.

Storm and Gunner have wrestled one-on-one three times. How many times has Storm won?


Outside of the ring, Storm is rocking this angle. But if he can't capitalise, what's the point?

Then there's Knux. His segments feel like someone spliced some of a Discovery programme in. I'm interested, but only because I don't understand.

As for Samuel Shaw, I'm going off him. His acting is fantastic, but his behaviour squicks me so much that I'm more creeped out than entertained.

But what about the good bits?

Velvet Sky choosing Angelina Love over Madison Rayne was no surprise. Despite this, I'm still enjoying the drama between them. We should get some great matches from them.

Was the #MVPMakesBadDecisions hashtag appropriate this week? Yes and no.

Giving Abyss a title shot when he's apparently not under contract? Bad decision. Adding Eric Young to the three-way title match? Excellent decision. You can do it, MVP!

Speaking of EY, he shone like a diamond. I don't give "Person of the Evening", but if I did, he would get it.

The man got more of a buzz than Samoa Joe. Think about that for a minute.

And sure, their match was good. But if the refs aren't going to do anything about a contested finish, why bring it up?

The other two members of the four way dance are also butting heads. I like that they're sowing conflict between Magnus and Abyss, but I doubt it'll stick. They've only just teamed up: why split them already?

Their match against the Wolves was the best part of the evening for me. I cannot put into words how much I love the Wolves. They back-flipped out of a double freaking choke-slam!

Bad Influence are my favourite heel team. But my favourite faces? The Wolves. Hands down.

And finally, the biggest surprise of the evening: The Hunt for Willow. EC3 and Rockstar Spud are always hilarious, yet the atmosphere was still creepy. Especially with Willow acting like a slasher villain.

Then somehow, they managed to cram in heartwarming when EC3 – spoilt one-percenter brat – went back to save the abducted Spud.

I don't care what anybody says: I think EC3 is a good guy.

A bit of mixed bag, then. But the bad parts were mild irritants rather than infuriating and I still enjoyed it.

See you Wednesday with the first Stark Remarks poll.

– Stark

P.S. This is officially my 25th on-topic post on this blog! This calls for a picture of a cake!

Image © Scheinwerfermann via Wikimedia Commons.

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