Friday, 11 April 2014

Hate Could Be A Positive Emotion That Forces You to Better Yourself

Jeff Jarrett has been tweeting #ItsComing for a long time. Now, at last, #ItsHere.

What is it?

Three words: Global Force Wrestling.

Image © Global Force Wrestling.

It's not a surprise that Jarrett's started a new company. Rumours have been going around that he would ever since he left TNA.

But now that GFW is officially here, what does it mean for TNA?

Right now, it's hard to say. We don't know much about GFW. There's a logo. There's a slogan. There are a handful of nice t-shirts. But the roster beyond Jeff and Karen Jarrett? Who knows?

Heck, we don't even know if GFW will be available for international audiences.

With so little information, passing judgement is tricky.

But I think GFW could be great for TNA.

"But why?" you ask. "Won't GFW take money and viewers away from TNA? How could that be a good thing?"

Because without competition, companies stagnate. And TNA has no real competition.

The WWE is so far out of their league that the idea of challenging them is laughable. And Ring of Honor is so different that it's easy for the two to live and let live.

But GFW could well be on TNA's level. They could be the perfect rivals.

And with competition comes creativity.

Image © geralt via Pixabay.

If you know there's another company out there doing similar things to you, you'll step up your game and make your company better. And you'll do it because you want your product to be the best.

Think of it like Marvel versus DC Comics. The two companies compete with each other to be on top and make the best products. And by competing, they push each other to be better.

GFW and TNA could do the same.

And even better, rivalry between GFW and TNA could make conditions better for the wrestlers.

Think about it for a moment. Right now, if a TNA star is unhappy, where can they go?

WWE? Not likely unless they've been there before, like Christian Cage or Kurt Angle.

Ring of Honor? Sure, but you won't get paid as much, especially if you're going match by match.

The indies? Another country? Neither are fantastic.

Now imagine that that TNA star could leave TNA and strike up a deal with another company at the same level.

That's what could happen if GFW takes off.

And if there's competition for a wrestler, he or she will have more leverage in the deal.

After all, if AJ Styles could have walked straight into a job with GFW, would TNA have let him go? I don't think so.

If Global Force Wrestling takes off, it could do great things for TNA.

The two could push each other to new heights. They could elevate each other's product. And they could create a better environment with more choice for the wrestlers we love.

And how can that be a bad thing?

So as long as I can watch it from the UK, I'm more than happy to #JoinTheForce.

Image generated via The Keep Calm-O-Matic.

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– Stark

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