Monday, 14 April 2014

TNA Impact: UK Air Date 13th April 2014

Another week, another Impact. How was it?

Image © TNA Wrestling courtesy of Rasslor.

The "Wrath of Dixie" was a disappointment. She called out Bully Ray, snapped at MVP and was mean to Rockstar Spud. Predictable, unexciting, and the low point of the show for me.

Also, we know why Bully betrayed Dixie, and that he and Bobby Roode don't like each other. Please progress this plot a little faster.

Willow putting himself in a handicap match against Spud and EC3 because he wants revenge is amazing. Willow is completely bonkers: I can't wait to see this one.

The Tag Team Title match frustrated me.

BroMans? Boo. Wolves? Yay!

Robbie E not being there? Boo. MVP shoving Zema Ion in the match? Yay!

And then there was the ending, which highlighted an inherent problem in wrestling. If a title can't change hands on a DQ, why would any heel champ bother to fight fair?

The BroMans know that if they're disqualified, they keep the belts. So why not start every match by beaning one of the Wolves over the head with a chair?

The Wolves not winning made sense: they can have an awesome rematch at Sacrifice. But the disqualification angle fractures suspension of disbelief, and it's annoying as heck.

The Knockouts #1 Contender match was good. Brittany getting involved was awesome. Angelina winning will help to progress her feud with Madison Rayne.

And I'm hoping that Velvet Sky screwing over Gail Kim will turn into a feud between them as well.

Ken Anderson and Christy Hemme conspiring to have Samuel Shaw locked up was amazing.

For a few moments, I thought that they were writing Hemme as won over by Shaw, but I'm so happy they weren't.

But my highlight of the show? The 10 Man Gauntlet.

A battle royal is often awful, but I thought this one rocked.

Sanada's involvement, though pointless, was great. Rockstar Spud leaping from his wheelchair to help eliminate Willow was hilarious. EC3 discovering that making many enemies was unwise was awesome.

Seriously, though: Kurt Angle, Bobby Lashley AND Willow? EC3 is bad at making friends.

And although the ending was awesome, the best part for me was James Storm.

Not only did Storm eliminate Gunner, but he also survived to the final three. He looked amazing.

But of course, the ending was fabulous too: Eric Young, #1 Contender, cashing in his title shot.

Pity that his match against Magnus wasn't as good as I'd hoped it would be.

Don't get me wrong: it wasn't a bad match. It just didn't work as well as I'd hoped. Magnus didn't seem to take advantage of EY's arm injury as much as you'd expect.

And it felt less like a battle against the odds than it should have done.

The ending made up for it though. New world champ. #AllHailTheBeardLord

This was a good episode despite its flaws. If TNA can work out what they're doing with Dixie and get some momentum into Bully and Roode, they'll be sitting pretty.

See you Wednesday.

– Stark

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