Monday, 7 April 2014

TNA Impact: UK Air Date 6th April 2014

Impact was wrestling-heavy, plot-light this week. But there was still plot. So how was it?

Image © TNA Wrestling courtesy of Rasslor.

Everyone expected the show to start with talk, so to open with a match was a great change of pace.

Bobby Roode and Bully Ray's feud is finally getting momentum. Roode putting Bully through three tables was brutal: if they keep this up, I'm happy.

But I'm less happy about Willow, EC3 and Rockstar Spud.

When Willow kidnapped Spud last week, EC3 ran to his friend's aid. But this week? EC3's too busy getting tables for Roode.

I know he's a villain, but consistency is nice.

Speaking of, I'm consistently confused by Knux's soap opera drama. A slow build is one thing, but this is confusion central. Clarification is also nice.

The Knockouts were gold again this week. The Beautiful People were the team you love to hate. And Madison trying to keep Brittany uninvolved was heart-warming in an odd way.

And I enjoyed the match, too. Booking Brittany to be pinned was risky, but I think she can still establish herself. If TNA keep her in the feud, she should go to good places.

Gunner and James Storm weren't on the show this week. But I want to compare them with Samuel Shaw and Ken Anderson anyway.

Like Gunner and Storm, Shaw and Anderson have wrestled three times. But Shaw has won twice now. He can beat Anderson and looks like a credible threat.

Storm? Is looking more and more like a joke.

Though Shaw and Anderson's feud is needlessly gimmicky. Even if the straightjacket wasn't on a pole.

The best match of the evening was Sanada versus Tigre Uno. More X Division is never a bad thing and I can't wait for bouts two and three between them.

Which brings us to Kenny King, whose reintroduction has been weird.

MVP didn't give him the match he promised. Yet King is an arrogant ass. Are we on his side or not?

MVP agreeing to wrestle him made sense, so #MVPMakesBadDecisions wasn't relevant. Although I'd like to think that Davey Richards was referencing the tag when the Wolves broke up the backstage brawl.

The Wolves not getting their title shot made sense, but I would have liked to see a preview singles match. Davey with Eddie Edwards versus Robbie E with Zema Ion, perhaps.

The main event was my low point of the show. Not because it was horrible, but because it was... meh.

Abyss didn't turn on Magnus. Eric Young got pinned. Magnus retained. All safe, dull and predictable.

Still. #AllHailTheBeardLord #WeLoveEY

I'm looking forward to Dixie Carter's upcoming return. Why? Because she can stop #MVPMakesBadDecisions.

And finally, my perennial complaint: keep TNA 365 off the show and online. Advertise it, by all means, but don't play it. If we want to see it, we'll go on YouTube.

All in all, this was a great, action-packed Impact and I approve.

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– Stark

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