Tuesday, 27 May 2014

TNA Impact: UK Air Date 25th May 2014

Do you remember when people called TNA "Total Non-stop Angle"?

Well, it's now Total Non-stop MVP.

I separated the show into eleven strands this week. MVP's Unnamed Group, or MUG as I will call them, were in almost half.

So let's get them all out of the way first.

Image © TNA Wrestling courtesy of Rasslor.

I am ecstatic that the Wolves aren't part of MVP's convoluted plot for power.

And I'm impressed that TNA remembered this lingering plot thread existed.

Why does everyone try to break Davey Richards, though? Is it because he's short? Is it the hair? What?

And Eddie's attempted Roaring Rampage of Revenge against Kenny King was wonderful. True tag-team friendship there.

Eric Young standing up to MUG was fantastic, but I don't know why MUG left if they were going to come straight back out.

Maybe they recorded the segments at different times. I dunno. It was odd.

Austin Aries running out to save the day Big Damn Heroes-style was awesome.

Having said that, every MUG match and fight ended exactly the same way.

MUG overwhelmed their foes and left them unconscious.

And this happened four times in a two hour show. Ridiculous.

Finally, MVP does not mix well with Dixie and Bully Ray.

Image © Krystal Bogner via Flickr.

It just makes a strange miasma of conflict between the three that doesn't fit.

As for Bully, EC3 is now failing to make friends with him too. Is Rockstar Spud his only pal? Does he get lonely?

Bully's attempts to attack Dixie are less creepy now she has somebody bigger than Spud protecting her. But they're still creepy.

Speaking of creepy, Gunner and Samuel Shaw fascinate me.

I love how the plot ties in with Gunner's military background.

I love the potential it has for Shaw.

And I love how Gunner has no reason for doing this beyond being a nice guy. It makes a refreshing change.

Also refreshing were the moments of drunken/"drunken" Ken Anderson and James Storm shenanigans.

Storm ended up beaten down again, but to be fair, he was drunk and Anderson was sober. So I'll let it slide.

Then there's Willow, Magnus and Bram.

I don't know if Magnus is losing his conscience or growing one.

Image © Simon Q via Flickr.

I don't know why he's resisting Bram's encouragements when a few weeks ago, he was beating Abyss and EY with a ring hook.

And I don't know Bram is so obsessed with that bloody pry-bar.

The whole angle is a bit of a mess and I'm losing patience with it.

And speaking of patience, I've lost it with Brian Stiffler.

He let Angelina Love beat Brittany because he was too busy staring at Velvet Sky. Again.

If Taryn Terrell doesn't come back from maternity leave soon, I may pop an artery.

Finally, the Slammiversary flashbacks were gorgeous but painful.

I miss AJ Styles. I miss Christian Cage. And where have Samoa Joe and Abyss gone?

In short, this episode was okay: repetitive in places, but still enjoyable. I've definitely seen worse.

See you Thursday with the Xplosion review.

– Stark

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