Monday, 5 May 2014

TNA Impact: UK Air Date 4th May 2014

Sacrifice? Good PPV. First Impact back? We'll see.

Image © TNA Wrestling courtesy of Rasslor.

The interviews were better this week thanks to the shorter flashbacks, but they're still not great.

We'll start with the Knockouts.

Gail Kim works as a face, and the Beautiful People trolling was fun.

But call me a killjoy if you will: I didn't like Madison Rayne and Brittany stripping them.

The Knockouts are wrestlers. Not cheap titillation. Treat them as such.

Speaking of beauty, my Twitter feed says Magnus is pretty, so let's talk about him.

His claims he should have been in the title scene were valid, but other than that, his segments left me confused.

Who is Bram? What's going on? And does Abyss have a contract or not?

At least Knux's story is clear at last. With luck, the Menagerie will liven up the tag team division. Looking forward to them.

In the tag division, the Wolves wrestled the BroMans and Zema Ion. Again.

Sanada was a good addition, but we've seen this match before. We're gonna get sick of it.

And the BroMans and Zema lost way too easily.

Speaking of, the nadir of the evening was James Storm against Willow.

The match was just getting good when Storm attacked the ref for no reason. Then he tried to stab Willow with a broken bottle for no reason.

And then Storm ended up flat on his back unconscious. Again.

Storm could not look weaker right now and it's pathetic.

Storm's interference in Anderson and Gunner's match made no sense either. His and Gunner's feud is over. Why is he still getting involved?

All in all, not good.

Gunner versus Bobby Roode wasn't impressive either. Nor was Anderson versus Gunner. Neither match had enough time to get going and just fell flat.

Much like the planning process.

When your booking method is sillier than throwing darts at photographs of your roster...

Well. We all know #MVPMakesBadDecisions.

His other big screw up of the night was stopping Dixie going through a table.

Is violence against women right? Of course not.

But Dixie started this fight. The Impact Zone wanted it. And MVP took it away.

Unless he's turning heel, this was the worst thing he could do bar firing Austin Aries live on camera.

And Bully going to Nashville to get at Dixie is just creepy.

But let's end on a positive note.

Rockstar Spud trying to protect Dixie was adorable. EC3 acknowledging the "Where's your boyfriend?" chant was amazing. And the two were glorious together as always.

And Kurt Angle laying a verbal beat-down is always satisfying.

But even better was Roode and Eric Young's Heavyweight Championship match.

The match had time to develop. Both wrestlers looked amazing. And EY came out on top with the belt.

What can I say? Highlight of the evening, hands down.

This episode was a mixed bag. The good was great, but the bad was terrible.

Fingers crossed for consistency next week.

Remember to vote in the poll. I'll see you Wednesday.

– Stark

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