Thursday, 1 May 2014

TNA Sacrifice: UK Air Date 30th April 2014

It's PPV again, but was Sacrifice a triumph, or a disaster?

Image © TNA Wrestling courtesy of Jonathan Sullivan.

First, the video packages and interviews were all great.

My favourite was the EY showcase before the main event. It said everything about how far EY has come, and it was beautiful.

As for the matches, I could not have been happier about the curtain jerker.

You know how much I love the Wolves, and seeing them win the titles? Priceless.

For all that "Committed Match" is a bit of a stupid name, I enjoyed Ken Anderson versus Samuel Shaw.

It was nice to see Christy Hemme get a decent bit of revenge, and Shaw's character is still compelling.

I look forward to seeing where this feud can go next.

Rockstar Spud and EC3 versus Kurt Angle and Willow started slow, but ended up fun by the end.

We also have progress in what I've dubbed "Knux of our Lives".

Knux is returning with his lady. Either she is Rebel, or they're joining with somebody called Rebel.

Either way, we're also going to get "Crazy Steve" and "The Freak".

I'm curious, but also concerned. This could end up a rip-off of the WWE's Wyatt family if TNA aren't careful.

The Best of Three Finale between Sanada and Tigre Uno had great wrestling. Unfortunately, the crowd at the Impact Zone was awful.

They ruined the match and made it the low point of the evening despite the great performances.

Austin Aries chants. Calling Sanada "Goku". The crowd oscillated from disrespectful to downright racist. Despicable.

James Storm versus Gunner in the I Quit Match was fantastic for Gunner. He came out of this looking amazing.

But once again, Storm has got the short end of the stick, which is a shame. Storm is a great heel and he deserves more success than he's getting.

The Knockouts Championship match was great. Madison Rayne and Angelina Love wrestled well.

And they handled Velvet Sky's meddling with tact.

The ending was a bit cheap, though. I know Velvet's an attractive lady, but having her distract Ref Stiffler by just wiggling her backside was daft.

And then we have the infamous Bully Ray and Bobby Roode tables match.

I don't hate Dixie Carter getting involved. That made sense to me.

What I hate is the way TNA over-use the ref bump, made worse by Stiffler's spectacular botch.

TNA need to invent some alternatives to smacking the ref around and fast.

And finally, we have the World Heavyweight Championship match between Eric Young and Magnus.

What can I say about this match? It was amazing. EY retaining was just what he needed, but Magnus came out looking tough as nails too.

A sublime main event. I couldn't ask for better. Truly the highlight of the night.

Sacrifice was a great PPV. Did it have a few missteps? Of course it did, but all creative works do.

Fingers crossed that TNA keep up the momentum in the Impacts to come.

See you tomorrow with an opinion piece.

– Stark

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