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TNA Slammiversary: UK Air Date 18th June 2014

I have to admit, for an excuse TNA scrambled together in less than a week, MVP's justification for the main event worked well.

But did the rest of Slammiversary? Let's find out.

Image © TNA Wrestling courtesy of Anthony Mango.

The X Division Championship ladder match was my favourite part of the evening.

The bump Davey Richards took to the horizontal ladder was sick.

And Sanada retaining for so long is so much better than title belt hot potato.

Bobby Lashley defeating Samoa Joe was less welcome. I know they want Lashley to be a monster.

But Joe only just came back. Can't he have a few victories first?

And I thought Magnus versus Willow was going to be a tag match. This wasn't well communicated.

Magnus winning worked though.

Team 3D in the Hall of Fame? Awesome. But did we need ten minutes of "We want tables"?

Austin Aries' top rope brainbuster on Kenny King was sick, but I'm not sure about him winning.

Mostly because when was the last time King won... anything?

Image © Mike Kalasnik via Flickr.

As for the latest generation of Von Erichs, fingers crossed they stick around.

Although if TNA could tell us where Robbie E has gone beyond "He ran from the clown", that would be nice.

Then the Knockouts Championship match.

This. sucked.

Earl Hebner finally responds to Brian Stiffler's incompetence, then promptly gets knocked out.

And then we find out Stiffler's not useless: he's blatantly corrupt.

But they still let him officiate another match later on the card. Because that makes sense.

To be fair, at least this is a plot point instead of suggesting all men are that distracted by Velvet Sky's assets.

I might be alone in this, but I liked the ending of the Texas Death Match.

Bully Ray didn't keep his eye on the ball and he lost for it. It makes sense to me.

Image © Mike Kalasnik via Flickr.

If he'd concentrated on EC3 instead of Dixie Carter, he would've been fine.

Also, nice to see Rockstar Spud out of the neck brace at last.

Ken Anderson versus James Storm was more disappointing.

The match was good, but Anderson should not need help from a rampaging footballer.

I know they were trying to make up for all the Dallas Cowboy cheap shots from the heels, but it still annoyed me.

And finally, the main event. This was awesome.

Eric Young picking up Lashley and Aries at the same time was amazing. And the elbow drop from the top of the cage was sick.

But I don't know if I like Aries taking the fall.

Again, they want Lashley as a monster and they wanted EY to win, so there wasn't anybody else.

But it worries me that Aries can't get momentum going right now.

But despite little things like that and that Knockouts match fiasco, Slammiversary was a good PPV.

Image © Charles LeBlanc via Flickr.

All the matches had good wrestling in them, even if they didn't end the way I would have liked. And TNA delivered on both fun and action.

Hopefully they can keep this momentum going.

– Stark

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