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TNA Xplosion: Air Date 11th June 2014

I'd like to start this review with the Spin Cycle.

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I'd like to, but I can't. Because the Spin Cycle was mysteriously absent this week.

With luck, they only cut it to make room for the Slammiversary promo and it'll be back next week.

And this episode was both far from a disappointment regardless, and unexpectedly Wolves-heavy.

The Impact flashback was Eddie Edward vs Davey Richards, completely with extra interview segment.

And the TNA Xplosion Xclusive saw the Wolves put their titles on the line against Tigre Uno and Sanada.

Which was awesome.

Although Davey's ribs weren't taped up for it, so I have no idea how Xplosion fits into the canon now.

Nor do I know why the Wolves have a title defence on Xplosion but not at Slammiversary.

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Perhaps we just shouldn't ask questions.

As for the Match of the Week, this was yet another Slammiversary flashback.

I hadn't seen the #1 Contenders match between Ken Anderson, Jeff Hardy and RVD before.

It was pretty good.

Seeing Jeff as... well, Jeff again was weird after having Willow around so long.

Seeing Anderson with dark hair is weird after having Anderson bleach blond again.

And seeing RVD was weird because I've had a grudge against him ever since the stupid EV2.0 angle during Hogan's reign.

I will summarise said grudge with two phrases: "Why would you trust Bischoff?" and "Why is Rhino the villain?"

This show was good despite no Spin Cycle, and I enjoyed it.

Good work, TNA.

– Stark

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