Thursday, 19 June 2014

TNA Xplosion: Air Date 18th June 2014

Where the hell has the Spin Cycle gone?

It was my favourite part of this show and we haven't seen it for two straight weeks!

Not cool, TNA.

But what did we actually get on this week's Xplosion?

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Well, at least a quarter of an hour of repeated flashbacks from last week's Xplosion.

Which were flashbacks from that week's Impact.

We've seen these segments three times, TNA. Was there really nothing from this week's Impact you could've shown us?

... oh yeah. There wasn't.

The Match of the Week between Sting and Bobby Roode was good.

I hadn't seen it before and the clips showed some good action. No complaints here.

Then the Xplosion Xclusive. Which was head-tilting.

So Angelina Love is wrestling Brittany. Makes sense.

But there are two things that don't sit right.

One: referee Brian Stiffler.

And two: the Knockouts Championship.

Title shots on Xplosion are weird enough as it is.

But Angeline putting her belt on the line in the week of Slammiversary?

What would have happened if Brittany had won?

They would have had to change all their Slammiversary promotional material!

And it annoyed enough people when they changed the the card for MVP's legit leg injury.

It was nice to see Brittany get a good match, though. She's fast becoming one of my favourite Knockouts.

So to summarise, about 50% of this episode was a complete waste of time. And for an hour long show, that's taking the piss.

Bring back the Spin Cycle, dammit.

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– Stark

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