Saturday, 5 July 2014

Controlling Crowds Here They Come

I'm not a WWE fan.

Image © WWE courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.

I've got nothing against them. If it weren't for the WWE, I wouldn't be a wrestling fan.

But I'm just not that interested in what they have to offer these days.

They're just not my priority.

But despite that, at the beginning of June, I watched a chunk of Payback out of curiosity.

Why am I bringing this up? Because of the enthusiasm of the WWE Universe.

And I want to talk about crowds.

The people watching have a big effect on wrestling events.

Take, for example, Revolution Pro Wrestling's Summer Sizzler 2014.

The wrestling was great, but the icing on the cake was the audience.

They were loud, they were eager, and they chanted like mad.

Yep. There is nothing like a good crowd to elevate a wrestling match.

And TNA's Orlando attendees are nothing like a good crowd.

I've seen livelier people in mausoleums.

And I'm not the only one who complains about it.

Dozens of people on the #ImpactUK hashtag were complaining about it. Especially Sacrifice back in April.

Image © TNA Wrestling courtesy of Jonathan Sullivan.

Sanada's X Division title match against Tigre Uno was silent.

Oh, except for when the crowd was yelling for Austin Aries or calling Sanada "Goku".

How classy.

I've noticed it on Xplosion as well. There was a match between Madison Rayne and Velvet Sky a few weeks ago that was utterly dead.

And then you have the six man tag team match that was on Impact in one of the latter Orlando episodes.

If your audience can't get excited about a match with the Wolves and Austin Aries in it, then they are beyond help.

When you compare it to the rowdiness at Payback, it's just sad.

So what's the problem?

Universal Studios.

If you have a ticket to the theme park, you can get into the Impact recordings absolutely free.

So when TNA are there, it's likely that a lot of the people watching aren't actually wrestling fans.

They don't know who's who. They don't know what's going on. They don't have the right level of excitement for the sport.

And it kills matches.

Image © Mozaika2 via Wikimedia Commons.

Remember the Aries and Wolves match I mentioned earlier?

I'm a huge fan of Aries. I mark out over the Wolves. And I was struggling to get excited about that match.

Because when the crowd is silent, when there are no chants, and when they don't get involved, it's harder for us to care.

And how demoralising must it be for those men and women in the ring when they're risking their health for silence?

We know TNA are better than that.

We've watched episodes with audiences from the UK that overflow with eagerness.

And the most recent episodes of Impact have been much more lively.

People can get excited about TNA, and those are the people who should be in the audience.

Not zombie-like theme park goers who couldn't care less about the people in the ring.

Image © OpenClips via Pixabay.

Because if the WWE can do it, TNA should too.

– Stark

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