Tuesday, 15 July 2014

TNA Impact: UK Air Date 13th July 2014

You want to know why I complain about TNA?

Because they can do better. And this episode proves it.

Image © TNA Wrestling courtesy of Rasslor.

Even the #TNA365 content worked.

Kurt Angle presenting the evening's card was neat. Although I don't know why the fuss over Jeff Hardy rather than Willow.

Willow's over with the crowd. Why change?

Also over is Austin Aries, who finally ended Sanada's X Division Championship reign. And it was awesome.

I'd love to see round three between them as a decider.

And actually, having Global Impact Japan so near this sorta worked.

What doesn't work is James Storm being a dick to Sanada.

Yes, Storm is a heel, but there's no connection between them and it's just... weird.

My least favourite part, but only because it doesn't make sense.

Speaking of being a dick, I've made two posts about Rhino and Bully Ray already (here and here).

But one thing I will mention here is this: Bully said it was Rhino's own fault he got fired from TNA.

Image © Mike Kalasnik via Flickr.

TNA, what is your problem with Rhino? Do you like him too much to give him proper heel motivations? What?

And why are all your employees struggling with poverty? The Menagerie aren't doing well either.

And Rebel is not a "distraction": she's a wrestler. Please let her wrestle.

Which brings us to the Knockouts Championship match, which was a great four-way bout.

Brittany is growing on me. And the ending sequence of finishers was great.

Our final championship match was my favourite: the Wolves versus Bram and Magnus, Bragnus for short.

The wrestling was awesome and the post-match attack from Bragnus worked well.

But it's weird that the Wolves have nothing to say about Bragnus putting Eddie Edwards' neck in a chair.

Some follow-up would be nice.

On the topic of champs, I've seen people complain about Bobby Lashley being silent.

To that I say: MVP talks Lashley up so well that he doesn't need to speak.

Image © Krystal Bogner via Flickr.

And this episode showed that. Great work.

As for MVP, the feud between him and Bobby Roode with Kenny King as proxy is working for me.

I can't wait for MVP's knee to heal so he and Roode can throw down properly.

And finally, the 20 Man Battle Royale.

Which was a mess.

If you have twenty men in the ring at once, it's hard to see anything or know what's going on.

It would have been better to give the match more time, start with two men, and introduce another every two minutes.

And that way, TNA have had Willow come to the ring, get thrown out, and come back later as Jeff Hardy.

Also, why did they leave Abyss out of the match but put Rockstar Spud in it?

Having said that, this match was still fun, especially the ending with EY and Hardy.

Image © Mike Kalasnik via Flickr.

Plus JB's post-match interview and the Hardy and Lashley stare-down were simple yet effective.

As I said, a good episode. Good matches, mostly good story, and good fun.

Kudos, TNA.

– Stark

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