Thursday, 10 July 2014

TNA Xplosion: Air Date 9th July 2014

I'm about to be a killjoy. Sorry. Not sorry.

Image © TNA Wrestling courtesy of Wikipedia.

First, hurray! Nobody from the Match of the Week is still in TNA!

Consequences Creed. Jay Lethal. Chris Sabin. Alex Shelley. And Kazarian-flavoured Suicide.

The match was outstanding. We're not going to see anything like it again soon because the X Division is dead. And I'm annoyed.

Let's move on.

To the Spin Cycle. Which was annoying.

First, nobody cares about the fart joke from last week. It was rather stupid then, and it's even stupider now. Let it die.

And the rest was dull.

So Robbie E and EC3 are too obsessed with annoying each other, so we have an intervention. People yell "feel".

Robbie E and EC3 refuse to compliment each other until Sanada arrives and everybody hugs.

Image © 2for6 via Wikimedia Commons.

Sappy. Asinine. Not funny except for Rockstar Spud's crop-top. Moving on.

The recaps were fine, although the Kenny King interview was pointless.

And finally, the Xplosion Xclusive.

Tigre Uno's new nickname is Mr Xplosion because he's always on this show.

And James Storm being here was weird. Maybe it's to show that TNA value their UK audience, but Storm on a B-show?

He crushed Tigre. Tigre always loses. I'm irritated.

Although if he'd lost to Tigre, he would've looked weak, and I would've been irritated.

Maybe I'm unpleasable. Or maybe you need more X Division wrestlers so Tigre can win once in a while.

Image © Fotosuabe via Wikimedia Commons.

Like, I don't know, any of the guys from the Match of the Week?

I'm. just. saying.

– Stark

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