Saturday, 30 August 2014

It's a State (State) of Confusion

Character development is a funny thing.

I should know. When I'm not all about wrestling, I write fiction.

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And character development is a core part of that.

But it can be tricky to pull off.

If your characters don't change enough or at all, the reader feels cheated.

But if your characters change too much, the reader feels utterly baffled.

Why am I bringing this up? Because I'm still wondering what the hell happened to James Storm.

I know I mention this briefly every time I cover his plot, but that's because I'm still hopelessly lost.

Let's look at everything leading up to Storm and Sanada's current... kidnapping situation?

Storm and Gunner are partners. In Feast or Fired, Gunner steps over storm to get a briefcase. And over a period of weeks, Storm turns against Gunner and becomes heel.

That makes sense. Storm had a grudge, let it consume him, and became a villain. It's a natural sequence of events.

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Then Storm attempts to get a last cheap shot in on Gunner and hits Ken Anderson instead. He's ready to shrug it off, but Anderson takes offence and they feud.

This also makes sense. Storm is vindictive and would try to put the boot in. It fits with his character.

But this is where things get weird.

Suddenly, Storm starts trying to psyche out Sanada. For no reason.

He's never met Sanada before, as far as I know. He's never spoken with him. And he has no reason to go after him.

It comes straight out of nowhere.

Then Storm has a grudge against the Great Muta. Because... Storm is the real legend? Except he didn't say anything about that before.

Again, it just came out of nowhere.

And now he's got Sanada tied up in Willow's old shack in the woods and is doing... something. I don't know.

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It's all over the place.

Compare this to Gunner. He comes off the feud with Storm just fine and strikes up a friendship with Anderson.

This makes sense. They're both ex-servicemen, and they both have Storm as an enemy in common.

And the conversation naturally comes to Samuel Shaw.

Gunner's a good guy, so of course he wants to help Shaw. And we see their new friendship build over several weeks.

But of course Anderson isn't going to trust Shaw so easily when he comes back.

The relationships fit. The reactions are appropriate. And it all feels connected in logical ways.

So how could we make Storm and Sanada do the same?

I don't know.

Until we find out exactly what the deal is with Storm and Sanada, I don't think there are any recommendations I can make.

It's that incomprehensible to me.

TNA, I know you sometimes like playing your cards close to your chest.

Image © Enoch Lau via Wikimedia Commons.

You like mysteries. That's fine.

But there's a thin line between "mysterious" and "what the hell is going on".

And the Storm and Sanada plot is nowhere near that line. It's just plain damn weird.

– Stark

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