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TNA Impact: UK Air Date 20th July 2014

Note: I am several episodes behind now, and as such, I may ask questions that already have answers.

Now let's start on the first New York Impact.

Image © TNA Wrestling courtesy of Rasslor.

And we stumble on our way out of the gate.

Did we really need two rambling introductory spiels before the wrestling began? Wouldn't one have been enough?

Especially considering we then segued into another long talk from Bully Ray and Tommy Dreamer.

Yes, I still think Bully and Tommy are the villains.

Yes, I think people need to let ECW go already.

But no, I won't rant about them today.

So here's a petty gripe instead.

Tommy, you should not talk of TNA as the future of hardcore when wearing a House of Hardcore t-shirt. It sounds ridiculous.

The ensuing match was poorly announced but decent. And it continued the trend of EC3 taking ridiculous amounts of punishment then stealing the win, which I like.

Let's move on.

The other tag match of the evening was MVP and Kenny King against Bobby Roode and EY.

I liked the way they invoked Team Canada nostalgia.

Image © TNA Wrestling courtesy of

And I liked how they worked around MVP's injury.

But TNA need to explore avenues for heels ending matches other than "heel grabs a weapon, DQ ensues".

James Storm did this. Magnus and Bram do this. And now MVP and Kenny King are doing this.

It's the lack of creativity that gets to me.

It also got to me in Madison Rayne and Brittany's match.

They could have used the No DQ stipulation to give Brittany weapons. Then Brittany would have an edge to her that none of the other current Knockouts have.

But no. It just ends up as a regular wrestling match with no count outs.

Why even have the gimmick if you're not going to exploit it?

Speaking of why, Storm may be trying to Sanada under his wing, but... well. Why?

Image © 2for6 via Wikimedia Commons.

Having said that, the X Division – all eight of them – kicked ass, especially Austin Aries.

But it's still sad that over half the X Division get thrown in as cannon fodder to make up numbers.

Then again, the tag division is even worse.

At least the Heavyweight Championship scene is alive and well.

Jeff Hardy versus Bobby Lashley was solid. And Lashley's build as an unstoppable monster is working for me.

The match where he finally goes down will hopefully be spectacular.

The show should have ended after this match.

It didn't.

Instead, we got a segment with no right to exist.

Dixie Carter's promo was slow and boring.

It had both Bully AND Tommy menace Dixie. Because one violent man threatening the female civilian just wasn't enough.

And it killed the episode's pacing dead.

Was it nice to see Devon? Yes. But it still didn't justify the use of my time.

Image © Mike Kalasnik via Flickr.

This episode had good elements. But it was too focussed on the novelty of New York to tell its stories well.

Hopefully they'll have calmed down by the next episode.

– Stark

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