Friday, 29 August 2014

TNA Xplosion: Air Date 27th August 2014

I don't know what to say about this episode.

Image © TNA Wrestling courtesy of Wikipedia.

Was it bad? No. But nor was it particularly gripping.

Using One Night Stand matches as the Match of the Week doesn't work for me.

I can't get invested unless I've seen the whole PPV, including interviews.

The only reason I cared about the match was because I didn't want Rob Van Dam to win.

Why? My own petty personal reasons.

So of course I was glad that Samoa Joe and Christopher Daniels won.

But if you're a regular reader, you probably guessed that already.

I haven't exactly been shy about how much I like both Daniels and Joe.

Image © Jason Garber via Flickr.

Moving on, I wasn't sold on the Xplosion Xclusive either.

I'm going to be blunt and just say it.

The Menagerie are the worst tag team in TNA.

Now don't get me wrong: I do like them as a concept. I think they're a lot of fun, especially Crazzy Steve.

But they are terrible at their jobs.

It's no wonder they can't make any money for the carnival because they almost never win.

And when are TNA going to let Rebel get into a ring as anything other than eye candy? I've heard she can wrestle.

When the best part of an episode of Xplosion is Rockstar Spud being a dork in Birmingham, you know you've got a disappointment on your hands.

Image © Mike Kalasnik via Flickr.

Without the Spin Cycle, all Xplosion has are its matches. And they're failing to grab me.

Better luck next time.

– Stark

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