Saturday, 23 August 2014

You've Gone Too Far, You've Crossed My Line

I hate bullies.

Image © Rockstar Games via Wikimedia Commons.

And I'm sure you do too.

After all, they abuse the underdog, and we've all been underdogs at some point.

We feel for them.

Unless they're Dixie Carter, apparently.

You know I hate this plot. But here's the twist: it could have worked.

Well. Maybe not worked. But it could have been tolerable if it weren't for the three places TNA screwed up.

Do you remember how this feud started?

Dixie offered Bully Ray money to be her Lethal Lockdown ace-in-the-hole.

He accepted her offer. He screwed her over. And he kept the money.

That puts him in the wrong.

As Yahtzee of Zero Punctuation once said: "If you get sued because you were paid to do a job you didn't do, that is not tragic; that is how the world should be."

Or in other words, Bully deserved everything he got.

But what if he'd done something else with the money?

He could've made it rain in the Impact Zone. He could've put it in a sack and smacked EC3 with it. Heck, he could've returned it to Dixie entirely in pennies.

Image © Roman Oleinik via Wikimedia Commons.

Anything except keeping it. Because that makes him look like an asshole.

The second problem was Bully going after Dixie.

Revenge is one thing. But terrifying, single-minded stalking is quite another.

He broke into her home and called her from inside, for goodness' sake. That's not a hero. That's a slasher movie villain.

TNA should have had Dixie go after Bully instead.

If she'd dedicated herself to making his life a living hell, we would have sympathised with him.

He would have been the underdog.

And finally, they screwed up the ending.

I knew Dixie would go through a table. Anything else would have been a cop-out.

Was I happy about it? Not particularly. But it was inevitable and I'd prepared myself for it.

What I hadn't prepared for was the locker-room almost emptying to block her escape.

There were maybe ten people. Not including Team 3D and Tommy Dreamer.

All against one unarmed, defenceless Dixie Carter.

In heels.

Image © gnokii via

It was terrifying.

Put yourself in her shoes for a moment. Imagine what it would be like to have nearly fifteen people staring you down, thirsting for your blood.

And every one is bigger, stronger and faster than you.

Yeah. Not so funny now, is it?

If you wanted people to celebrate Dixie's downfall, fine. Have that. But bring them out AFTER she's gone through the table.

That way, your top faces don't end up looking like cowards who need ridiculous numbers to deal with one civilian.

But what if TNA had made these changes? Would I have liked the storyline?

Probably not. It would still have been full of uncomfortable implications.

But I would not have downright hated it as I do right now.

Because as it was, TNA made a story about a large violent wrestler harassing and bullying a smaller, weaker civilian.

They made the bully the hero.

And I hate bullies.

Image © chriscoven via DeviantArt.

– Stark

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