Sunday, 7 September 2014

The Greatest Man That Ever Lived

I gave good reviews to both Impact and Xplosion this week. So I'm going to continue the positive trend with this week's opinion post.

What's it about? A-Double himself Austin Aries, the most over man in TNA today.

Image © Mike Kalasnik via Flickr.

I'm not kidding. You put him in front of a crowd and they'll blow the roof off chanting for him.

Everyone loves the Greatest Man That Ever Lived.

But today, I'm going to ask and answer one simple question: why?

Why is Austin Aries so popular? What is it about him that everybody likes so much?

Let's start shallow and look at the outside. Do we like Aries because of how he looks?

After all, he looks freaking fantastic. I sure as hell wish I looked that good.

He's living proof that you can be plant-powered AND have a physique to die for.

Plus his ring gear has always been amazing.

The man used to wear a furry pink vest to the ring. And now he wears a cape like a freaking superhero.

Image © Jonathan Wong via Flickr.

What could possibly be better than that?

But let's say that that's not the reason he's so popular. What else is there?

How about his attitude?

Aries has a great personality and he's not shy about showing it.

He's stubborn and never gives up, not even in the face of larger or stronger opponents.

He knows how good he is and he refuses to let anybody tell him that he's not good enough.

And he's funny as hell. Every time he decides to take a time out on the top rope in the corner, I crack up laughing.

Again, what could possibly be better?

And finally, the most obvious candidate: his wrestling ability. Do we like Aries because he's a good wrestler?

Because he most certainly is.

Not only is he incredibly talented, but he's also one of the most versatile people you can put in a wrestling ring.

Want him to go high flying in the X Division with a 450ยบ Splash? He can do that.

Want him to go toe-to-toe in a power game with somebody bigger than him and still break out the brainbuster?

Image © Jonathan Wong via Flickr.

He can do that too.

Want him to get down on the mat and technical with submission moves? Well guess what! He can do that!

And not only can he do them, but he can do them all with style.

After all, I've spent enough time gushing about the beauty of the Last Chancery to make you all sick of me.

So why do we like Austin Aries? His looks, his personality, or his skills?

All three, of course.

Austin Aries has something of everything and something for everyone.

He's got the face, he's got the charm, and he's got the ability to put his money where his mouth is.

He really is the complete package.

A great look, a great attitude and some great moves all come together in him to make... well.

The Greatest Man That Ever Lived, of course.

Image © Simon Q via Flickr.

– Stark

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