Tuesday, 9 September 2014

TNA Impact: UK Air Date 7th September 2014

Another week, another Impact. How did it go?

Image © TNA Wrestling courtesy of Rasslor.

Let's start with that lingering plot thread of Bobby Roode, EY and the #1 Contendership.

And MVP was trying to drive a wedge between Roode and EY.

Why? It's not entirely clear.

Maybe so he and Bobby Lashley keep strength in numbers. Or maybe just to be an ass.

Who knows?

The match was great, though. And it was nice to see Roode and EY still shake hands.

Conversely, Lashley's match with Samoa Joe was not great because it was too short.

It ended so soon that it felt like an anticlimax.

Though I must admit that TNA are doing a wonderful job of painting Lashley as an unstoppable monster.

And Kenny King's interference meant Joe looked good as well.

But I can't say the same for half the X Division, which is why theirs was my least favourite match.

DJ Z, Manik, Tigre Uno and Crazzy Steve never win anything.

Image © Tabercil via Wikimedia Commons.

There's no suspense in a six man match when you narrow the victor down to one of two in the first five seconds.

And I'm sure Joe versus Homicide will be fun, but couldn't somebody else have a chance? Please?

Another X Division guy who isn't jobbing is Austin Aries, who called out James Storm and the Great Sanada over last week.

And he and Tajiri facing Storm and Sanada should be awesome.

Oh, and James Storm has Manik now. He wants to collect the whole X Division set, apparently.

Storm is kinda terrifying.

As is Havok, who made her debut by beating the crap out of Gail Kim and Taryn Terrell.

Havok scares me.

Oh, and Gail and Taryn's match was good too, of course.

But yeah. Havok. She's something, alright.

Speaking of the Knockouts, the Beautiful People are now dating the BroMans. Because... reasons.

Should be funny, I suppose.

Which brings me to tag teams.

The TNA #365 segments were all Team 3D, the Hardys and the Wolves.

Image © Anton via Wikimedia Commons.

And because Team 3D got to pick, their next match will be a tables match.

Should be good, though.

Also tagging this week were Shaw and Gunner against Bragnus.

Why is Brittany making eyes at Shaw? Will Shaw and Gunner stay friends? Is Shaw still a creepy bastard?

All excellent questions, and hopefully, TNA will answer in good time.

And finally, my favourite part of the evening.

What was it?

Rockstar Spud and EC3 have broken up at last.

EC3 threw Spud into a match with Rhino, watched him get beaten up, and then just walked away.

Yep. The best friendship in TNA outside the Wolves is probably over.

I'm so hoping that Spud will get to feud with EC3.

I've seen a bit of his wrestling now and he deserves to get a chance to show what he can do in the ring as well as on the mic.

Image © Mike Kalasnik via Flickr.

To summarise, this was a good episode of Impact, and I had fun watching it.

Nice work, TNA. Keep it up.

– Stark

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