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TNA No Surrender: UK Air Date 21st September 2014

This review may be incredibly late, but it's finally here. And how was No Surrender?

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What I'm going to say maybe controversial. But it's true.

I don't get Chris Melendez.

Maybe I'm just not the target audience. Either way, the adoration baffles me.

His match with Kenny King was alright, though. Both of them need a good feud, so it works.

But they're going for the leg a bit early, aren't they? It's the cheapest disability heat you can hit. Save it for later.

Unless it's a reference to Guardians of the Galaxy, I suppose.

And Ken Anderson getting involved works too. So no real complaints there.

What I may have a complaint about are the developments between Gunner and Samuel Shaw.

What do Orlando Jordan, Winter, Brittany and Samuel Shaw have in common?

If your answer is "Creepy unsettling attractions to people of the same gender", you've seen the problem I see.

Image © Pedrohoneto via Wikimedia Commons.

Maybe it's supposed to be hero worship from Shaw.

But it certainly looks like TNA have issues with bi men and lesbians.

Oh, and thanks for dropping Brittany and Madison Rayne's plot to shoehorn her in here. Totally necessary.

As for the Knockouts, let's talk about Havok.

Havok is glorious.

She slew the competition in the Knockouts Battle Royale with ease.

And I cannot wait for her title shot against Gail Kim.

It's going to be spectacular.

The X Division, though? Not so much.

The wrestling is still good. But the results are so predictable that I'm calling them before the matches even start.

The only interesting thing related to the division is James Storm's cult of former jobbers.

I have no idea where they're going with that, incidentally. But it's fascinating and I love it.

The highlight of the evening was probably the third of what I call the Tag Team Hoedown matches.

Image © Anton via Wikimedia Commons.

I knew the Wolves would win to even up the victories. But I still enjoyed it.

There was enough action to keep my attention. There were some great spots. And Eddie got to grab the belts as consolation for taking the loss two matches in a row.

Great stuff.

And finally, the Battle of the Bobbys for the Heavyweight Championship.

This was good stuff. For starters, it had enough time to build, develop and grow as a main event, which is rare with TNA these days.

Roode put up a great fight and still looked strong despite the loss.

And as for Lashley, I have no idea who's going to beat this man.

Not EY. Not Jess Hardy. Not Austin Aries. And not Bobby Roode.

They're running out of people who can do it.

At this rate, they'll either have to surprise us with AJ Styles (not likely) or get Kurt Angle himself to do it.

Image © Mike Kalasnik via Flickr.

Despite my petulant whinging, this was a pretty good episode.

Its stories are progressing nicely. And even when they confuse me, they still have some sort of internal consistency.

And I'm looking forward to the next episode.

– Stark

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