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TNA Xplosion: Air Date 3rd September 2014

This Xplosion review may be late, but how was the show?

Image © TNA Wrestling courtesy of Wikipedia.

First, I never thought I'd say that I miss Rockstar Spud presenting. Yet I do.

I like JB, but he works much better as a straight man to other people's strangeness.

He needed Spud.

Having said that, the matches were excellent.

Our Xplosion Xclusive was the BroMans versus the Wolves and well. You know how much I adore the Wolves.

So two appearances from them in one week? That's a treat.

Although I must say that it would have been nice to see somebody who didn't get a spot on Impact this week instead.

Maybe Bragnus. Or the Beautiful People and Brittany.

Just a thought.

Image © Mshake3 via Wikimedia Commons.

Also, the BroMans haven't beaten the Wolves in months. I knew they weren't going to start winning now.

And what have I said about tension?

Yeah. Exactly.

The Match of the Week is probably foreshadowing. After all, Bound for Glory is the next big PPV, so it makes sense to start teasing the Bound for Glory series.

Samoa Joe versus Jeff Hardy at No Surrender 2012 was awesome.

Joe always rocks, and he sold his arm injury superbly well.

And Jeff did some great work and picked up a sneaky pin.

It was fun, and it had emotional resonance. Everything I ask for.

Image © Charles LeBlanc via Flickr.

And yet this still felt bare bones. Maybe it's the lack of Spud or the Spin Cycle.

Whatever the reason, Xplosion needs to get its sparkle back. The sooner the better.

– Stark

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