Tuesday, 21 October 2014

British Boot Camp 2: Air Date 19th October 2014

I missed the original British Boot Camp.

Image © TNA Wrestling courtesy of Alistair McGeorge via Mirror.co.uk.

It's sad but true. I've never seen it.

So what did I make of the first episode of British Boot Camp 2?

I loved it.

Rockstar Spud makes a great presenter. He's got a good hand for re-directing the spotlight onto others.

And he looks surprisingly awesome in the more toned-down suit, I gotta say.

But what about the wrestlers?

Well. I'm a huge fan of Kay Lee Ray. So I was over the moon to see her get to the next round.

Nikki Storm is fantastic and I can't wait to see more of her.

And while I'd heard of Noam Dar, I'd never seen him perform. So I was happy to see him too.

Image © Pokipsy76 via Wikimedia Commons.

And the three who didn't make the cut had such great attitudes about it.

That's one thing I've always loved about Brits in reality TV: their good grace. And these guys were no exception.

And as for the judges... well.

They were clearly having a great time and it showed.

I loved Al Snow being the grumpy dad type who didn't get selfies. And his evil laugh when he announced that the potential recruits were getting in the ring with Joe.

And I think all three of the judges put a lot of thought into their choices and made good decisions.

Image © Charles LeBlanc via Flickr.

All in all, British Boot Camp looks set to be a lot of fun.

And I can't wait to see who they bring in next week.

– Stark

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