Tuesday, 14 October 2014

TNA Impact: UK Air Date 12th October 2014

This was what I call a good episode.

Image © TNA Wrestling courtesy of Rasslor.

Were there a lot of flashbacks? Of course. It's TNA. It's hardly worth mentioning.

The Rockstar Spud and EC3 ones were practically emotional weapons, and the Gail Kim and Havok ones worked nicely.

Which brings us neatly to the Knockouts.

The #1 Contendership match between Angelina Love, Taryn Terrell and Madison Rayne was good.

They still seem to be teasing a Madison heel turn, though. And I'm not sure if that's where they need to go right now.

With Gail out of action and Havok a heel, the Knockouts only have Taryn as a face at the moment.

And one face is not enough in the whole division.

Unless Brittany is in the middle of a face turn. I don't know.

I still don't understand why she has a crush on Samuel Shaw.

But at least the stuff between Shaw and Gunner is still interesting.

Image © Pedrohoneto via Wikimedia Commons.

And seeing Bram on the show is always a plus.

Mind you, it might have been a bad idea to schedule a No DQ match on the same evening as Full Metal Mayhem, but what do I know about booking?

Speaking of things I don't understand, Storm's Revolution still isn't entirely comprehensible.

But I'll be damned if it isn't compelling television.

Their match against Low Ki and Tigre Uno showed how well they work together.

And Manik's drive-by interference was as elegant as cheating possibly can be. It was practically a handicap match.

Storm's Revolution are a great heel group and I hope they stick around for a while.

And, of course, we had an actual handicap match on the card too.

Bobby Roode's willingness to sacrifice anything for a chance at the title is a great character trait.

MVP and Kenny King were at the appropriate end of annoying.

Image © Krystal Bogner via Flickr.

And Bobby Lashley interfering in the match suggests to me that Roode may be the one intended to dethrone him in the future.

And I'd be happy with that, I can tell you.

And then we get to my two favourite parts of the show, starting with EC3 and Rockstar Spud.

I don't have the words to describe how awesome it was to see Spud standing up for himself.

And the moment he smacked EC3 back? I cheered for it.

These two work together so well. I love every interaction they have and this is no exception.

I can't wait to see more.

And finally, Full Metal Mayhem.

We had one man with a groin injury, one man with a broken toe, and one man with a broken leg.

It was a match of the walking wounded. But every single participant tore the house down.

And the Wolves retaining just made it all the sweeter for me.

Image © Anton via Wikimedia Commons.

This was one of the best tag matches I have seen in TNA in a long time and the perfect way to end a fantastic episode.

If Bound for Glory is anywhere near this good, I'll be a happy fan.

– Stark

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