Saturday, 1 November 2014

Beware of the Force of Nature

I threatened to riot over the Wolves yesterday. That suggests it's time I talk about them.

Image © Anton via Wikimedia Commons.

Do you know how popular the Wolves are on my Twitter feed?

Guess how many people on my Twitter feed genuinely dislike them.


So it seems almost redundant to try to explain why they're so popular.

But considering that TNA are teasing a break-up via James Storm harder than I like, I'm going to explain why I'm part of the Wolves Nation.

So. Why do I personally love the Wolves as a team?

It's not just their wrestling.

Are they good? Of course they are.

But as I keep saying, you need something more than good wrestling. You need personality.

And that's just as important in a tag team.

Generally, there are two kinds of tag team that work best for the purposes of story and entertainment.

The first is the Odd Couple. The team that mix like oil and water. Two strong personalities with incompatible goals, thrown together by an outside force.

Image © Victor Blacus via Wikimedia Commons.

They bodge through for a while. But it always blows up spectacularly in the end.

And they're not a good team, exactly. But they're fun to watch.

Then you've got the Total Synergy team.

Maybe they started off as a pair of oddballs. Maybe they've always been together.

Whatever their origin, they now work together in perfect harmony. Two moving as one, working towards one or more compatible goals as a unit.

And the Wolves are a perfect Total Synergy team.

They work together like a dream and it's beautiful to watch.

But it goes even beyond that.

There are some tag teams where the two work together fantastically, but that's as far as it goes.

They're work-mates and nothing more.

But then there are tag-teams where you see friendship. You believe the relationship between the people involved.

That's David and Eddie.

Image © Mike Kalasnik via Flickr.

You can tell from their promos, their matches and their body language that those guys get each other.

Let me give you an example.

You remember when Bobby Lashley speared Davey off the ramp and through a table? And how Eddie came back on a roaring rampage of revenge that Kenny King cut unfortunately short?

That's the sort of thing I'm talking about. Character moments that feel real and show true friendship.

And that sort of emotional connection is hard to find.

You have to find people with the right chemistry outside the ring as well as inside. It's not easy.

TNA's tag team division is not huge right now. The chance of finding another team like this? It's pretty low.

So please, TNA. I'm begging you. Make the Wolves staying together a long term goal.

Breaking them up short term? It'll hurt, but I can live with it for a good story.

I trust you. Please don't screw it up.

Image © Ssawka via Wikimedia Commons.

And on a petty note, I only just bought a Wolves t-shirt.

At least keep them together long enough for me to wear it more than twice.

– Stark

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