Thursday, 20 November 2014

I'm Sick of All My Kicks

How many hardcore and No DQ matches have we had since TNA went on the road?

The Wolves, Team 3D and the Hardys had a table match, a ladder match and Full Metal Mayhem.

Bram has a hardcore match every time he steps in the ring.

Image © TNA via

And now Samuel Shaw and Gunner are getting in on the action.

I could be wrong, but I think we've had one match that involved weapons every single week since the New York episodes.

There's no way to know exactly why TNA are putting on so many matches involving weapons. But I have two theories.

The most obvious reason is that it's something different from the WWE. If they're going to be PG, TNA with be mature.

If the WWE shies away from blood and ultra-violence, TNA will revel in it.

And that's fine to a point. But a more cynical part of me says there's another reason.

I think it's an attempt to get high attendance at the live events. After all, nothing draws in a crowd like a hardcore match.

Image © Pacifier via Wikimedia Commons.

Just look at Southside. They told a bunch of wrestling fans that Jimmy Havoc and DJ Hyde would be lacerating themselves in barbed wire and we went nuts for it.

But that's the thing: the fans had such enthusiasm because there hadn't been a No Rope Barbed Wire match in the UK for eight years.

In fact, it was the only No Rope Barbed Wire match I'd seen before in my life. So of course I got hyped for it.

But if I'd seen the same thing the week before, would I have gotten so excited for it? I don't think so.

And that's the problem with putting on hardcore matches every single week. People quickly get bored of them.

There are only so many ways you can smack somebody in the head with a folding chair before it starts to get repetitive.

Image © Mshake3 via Wikimedia Commons.

And the more times you put on a certain kind of match, the more excessive you have to get for the fans to give you the same response.

Bigger weapons. More blood. And greater risks for the performers.

It's the same problem that some people have with ladder matches. After a while, you run out of ways to innovate while still being reasonable.

So unless TNA want to take a page out of Combat Zone Wrestling's book and bring in the weed whacker, where's left for them to go?


Unless you're willing to go to real extremes, hardcore and no DQ matches cannot be the bread and butter of your company.

Will it draw people in? Yes, in the short term. But long term, they're going to get bored and leave.

You need to save matches like this for special occasions and give them the respect they deserve.

After all, the wrestlers involved are often literally giving their blood for our entertainment.

Image © KameleonKlik via DeviantArt.

The least us viewers and the company can do is give them some respect for it.

– Stark

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