Thursday, 13 November 2014

I've Got To Break Through, I'm Going Under

Is TNA about to go under?

Image © United States Coast Guard via Wikimedia Commons.

That seems to be the hot question of the moment.

From what I can gather, TNA are still struggling to get a new Spike TV deal.

And they're going to run out of Impact footage before the end of the year.

If they're desperate enough to put on Christmas clip-shows... well. Surely that means that they're in dire straights, doesn't it?

Here's the thing: I have no idea.

I'm not an employee at TNA. I don't know anything about what's going on in the company.

And without that insider knowledge, how can anyone reasonably speculate on their future?

Maybe things are as bad as everybody says. Maybe they're not. It's impossible to say.

So instead, I'm going to ask a different question.

If TNA does go out of business, what alternatives are there in the world of wrestling?

Obvious answer: the WWE.

After all, it's the world's most famous wrestling company. Even people who know nothing about wrestling have heard of them.

Image © WWE courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.

Sure, you have to pay for their PPVs in the UK, unlike TNA's. But it's still wrestling.

And when their top guys all finally get back from injury, they should put on a few half-decent shows.

It's a fine alternative, if you can put up with John Cena versus Randy Orton for the billionth time.

Me? I probably won't switch over to them if we lose TNA.

The WWE just put on too many hours of programming for me to keep up with.

So if I'm not going to go there, where am I going to go?

Simple: the British wrestling scene.

Now the biggest disavantage of this is obvious: cost.

Watching TNA is absolutely free. Watching a local show means you have to pay for tickets, transport and beverages.

But you know what? I think it's more than worth the money.

I've posted several reviews of Revolution Pro Wrestling and Southside Wrestling shows. And I have not had a single bad experience with them.

Image © Southside Wrestling courtesy of @miguitore via

Live wrestling is a completely different beast from watching it in television. There's an atmosphere that just can't compare.

You get comedy. You get drama. You get violence. There's something for everybody.

And you get to discover new people you've never heard of before.

Until I started going to live shows in the UK, I had never seen Marty Scurll, Jimmy Havoc, Robbie X, Tyler Bate or Kay Lee Ray.

Now? They're some of my favourite performers.

So if those are the alternatives, what should we do about TNA's possible impending doom?

Simple. We need to calm the hell down.

We can't predict TNA's future right now.

Maybe it's dark. Maybe it's bright. But what's the point in worrying when we just don't know?

We should just enjoy TNA Impact while we can. And if worst comes to worst, there's so much talent in the UK for us to see.

And after all, if Samoa Joe says that we should do it, who are we to argue?

Image © Jason Garber via Flickr.

– Stark

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