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TNA Impact: UK Air Date 2nd November 2014

And we're back with more Impact. How was it?

Image © TNA Wrestling courtesy of Rasslor.

The #TNA365 content was decent this week. The flashbacks were a bit overlong, but the interviews were interesting.

Can't complain.

Moving on, let's talk about the Knockouts.

Do you know how many face Knockouts there are in TNA?

Three: Gail Kim, Taryn Terrell, and arguably Rebel.

There are five heels: The Beautiful People, Brittany, Havok, and now Madison.

Doesn't this seem unbalanced to you?

Madison is a great heel. But when the ratio of face to heel is that skewed, you start to wonder what the end game is.

Funnily enough, I feel the same way about Davey Richards joining Storm's Revolution. Only more so.

I don't know whether to hate TNA for threatening to split my favourite team, or to applaud them for getting me to mark out so much.

Either way, I cannot wait to see more of this plot. And I really hope it doesn't end badly for the Wolves.

Image © Anton via Wikimedia Commons.

#WolvesNation all the way, I say.

Speaking of tag teams, we had the semi-finals of the tag team tournament.

Samoa Joe and Low Ki winning? Awesome! They're great!

Kenny King and MVP losing? Not so great. Because that means they're going to be going back to the storyline with Chris Melendez.

Spare me.

And EC3 and Tyrus losing in only their second match together was a bit of a kick in the face as well.

I know we don't want the Hardys to look bad, but you literally just brought Tyrus into the company.

He's only managed to defeat an out-of-shape Shark Boy and Rockstar Spud. Why not give him some credibility before having him lose?

Which brings us to Shark Boy.

If I do not get a cheesy 80s sports movie montage of Shark Boy getting into shape set to either "Eye of the Tiger" or "You're The Best Around", I will be devastated, TNA.

Image © FreddiusMercurium via Wikimedia Commons.

You can't bring him back like this and do nothing. Go all out. Make it ridiculous.

After all, he's a man in a fish suit doing an impression of Stone Cold Steve Austin. You can't really do much else but ridiculous with him.

Shifting gears, Magnus and Bram are freaking awesome. I'd love to see them as a full-time tag team for a while.

Especially if they started calling themselves Brothers in Blood. Just saying.

And with Tommy Dreamer as Devon's partner, fingers crossed for some good hardcore matches.

And finally, the big one. The main event. Bobby Lashley versus Bobby Roode for the World Heavyweight Championship.

This storyline worked perfectly.

For so long, we've seen challenger after challenger fall before Lashley. He looked like an unstoppable monster.

And now the monster is slain.

And doesn't Roode look absolutely freaking fantastic for it?

Congratulations, champ. You deserve it.

Image © Robertlbeukema via Wikimedia Commons.

This was a fun episode with a few minor nitpicks here and there.

But then nobody's perfect. So why should I expect TNA to be?

I had fun with it. And that's what counts.

– Stark

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