Saturday, 15 November 2014

TNA Xplosion: Air Date 12th November 2014

I've said it before and I'll say it again: it's still Saturday somewhere. And it's time to talk Xplosion.

Image © TNA Wrestling courtesy of Wikipedia.

The Xclusive this week was a Knockouts match. And it wasn't good.

Isn't that a miserable thought?

The Knockouts are some of the toughest, most awesome women in wrestling today. And yet a triple threat Knockouts match bores me.

Admittedly, Angelina Love's match introductions don't help. You can tell she's trying, but it's not working out.

The wrestling was fine. But the story didn't engage me.

There was no real link to the Madison and Taryn feud that's going on. Nothing related to the Beautiful People.

Image © Mshake3 via Wikimedia Commons.

And the story they were telling in ring just... didn't grab me. I don't know why.

Long story short: the best part of this match was JB and Rockstar Spud on commentary.

Also, it's gratifying that Spud notices the same inane details that I do. Like somebody's foundation or fake tan rubbing off on the mat. Makes me feel like less of a weirdo.

Now the Match of the Week was far more interesting.

A gauntlet leading into an Ultimate X match. And the ten guys in it?

Christopher Daniels. Jay Lethal. Manik as Puma. Homicide. Sonjay Dutt. Petey Williams. Shark Boy. Elix Skipper. And Low Ki as Senshi.

Or in other words, pretty much the entire classic X Division roster.

And it was glorious.

Image © Charles LeBlanc via Flickr.

More a damp squib than an explosion, this episode was... okay.

I've been better. But I've also seen much worse.

– Stark

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