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TNA Xplosion: Air Date 29th October 2014

We're finally up to date. Let's talk Xplosion.

Image © TNA Wrestling courtesy of Wikipedia.

How often do you get two people like Magnus and Bobby Roode competing in an Xplosion Xclusive match?

I can't remember seeing anything like this before.

The closest was probably James Storm versus Tigre Uno.

And it was freaking awesome.

Roode and Magnus were great. Not that I'd expect anything else from those two, to be honest.

They're two extremely talented guys and when you put them together, you get gold.

Although Magnus is not having a good time of it recently, is he? I can't remember the last time he won a match.

And Jeremy Borash and Rockstar Spud on commentary were a delight as usual.

Image © Mike Kalasnik via Flickr.

From referencing the Iron Sheik to bickering over whether Spud's too arrogant, they're always a joy to listen to.

In fact, I sometimes prefer them to Mike Tenay and Taz. Not gonna lie.

And finally, the Match of the Week: Christopher Daniels and Kazarian vs Mr Anderson and AJ Styles.

I missed this the first time around. But from what I can tell, it was the genesis of Bad Influence/The Addiction.

Of course it was awesome. And of course I'm sad we won't see a rematch any time soon.

But the most noteworthy thing for me? How weird it is seeing Kaz with long hair.

What can I say? I'm used to the short hair now.

Image © Robby Green via Flickr.

This was a good episode and I had fun with it.

And there's nothing more I can really say.

– Stark

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