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British Boot Camp 2 Final: Air Date 7th December 2014

So here we are. The final of British Boot Camp 2.

Image © TNA Wrestling courtesy of Alistair McGeorge via

I loved the recaps at the beginning. It showed exactly how far the finalists have come without being boring or redundant for long-term viewers.

But what about the matches?

I'm not surprised that none of the Boot Camp finalists won their matches. TNA wouldn't want unsigned people to upstage their stars.

But even so, they were fun.

Rampage Brown versus Bram was the sort of brawl you'd expect it to be. Mark Andrews versus DJ Z was absolutely wild. And Kay Lee Ray versus Gail Kim was beautiful.

Image © Mike Kalasnik via Flickr.

Plus the post match commentary from the stars on the finalists was really sweet.

But of course, we can't talk about the episode without talking about who won and what I think.

TNA chose Mark Andrews. But did they choose the right person?

I'd say yes.

Let's look at the world title scene. TNA may have lost a few people in the past few months, but they still have a lot of men who could go for that Heavyweight championship.

Rampage would get lost in the shuffle.

And TNA just added a new Knockout in Havok. As much as I love Kay Lee, do they need somebody else new? I don't think so right now.

But the X Division needs something new. It needs a boost. It needs someone like Mark.

Image © South Wales Argus.

So congratulations, Mandrews, and commiserations, Kay Lee and Rampage.

You were all fantastic. Can't wait to see you in January.

– Stark

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