Sunday, 7 December 2014

TNA Xplosion: Air Date 3rd December 2014

Xplosion this week was pretty damn good. But why?

Image © TNA Wrestling courtesy of Wikipedia.

Well, the TNA #365 content being fresh and new was a big factor.

This is what Xplosion should be for: the interviews that don't fit on the main show. And I was more interested in the interviews for it.

I actually cared what Taryn Terrell and Low Ki had to say because it wasn't the second time I'd heard it.

TNA, if you could do this every week, it would be fantastic.

Use that time on Impact for a backstage story segment. Or a short match. Or anything else. I'm begging you. It works so much better that way.

And the Xplosion Xclusive match was pretty bad-ass too.

Image © Nemo via Pixabay.

Who doesn't want to see two Lightning Bruisers smacking each other around, I say?

And there's no better way to describe Samoa Joe and Dave Mastiff. Great stuff.

And then we have the Match of the Week.

Or we could say the Re-Match of the Week. Because it was the re-match everybody wanted: Joe versus AJ Styles versus Christopher Daniels. Heavyweight Championship style.

Well. Daniels. This was during that weird period when TNA stole his Christopher for reasons not even he can explain.

But anyway. How was this match?

Absolutely freaking awesome of course. What else would it be?

I could watch these three wrestle each other any day of the week. No lie.

Image © Charles LeBlanc via Flickr.

This was a good episode of Xplosion.

If you haven't seen it, check it out. It's worth your time.

– Stark

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