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TNA Impact Specials – Best of 2014, Part 2: UK Air Date 14th December 2014

And we're back with the second half of 2014!

Image © TNA Wrestling courtesy of Rasslor.

The Tag Team Championship series between the Wolves, the Hardys and Team 3D was awesome.

My only complaint was that point where Team 3D and the Hardys suddenly decided the Wolves weren't worthy. It was so out of character.

The Knockouts Championship scene worked for me. Gail Kim and Taryn Terrell's feud was great, as was Taryn picking up the belt. But I'm not sure Havok should have got it so early.

I've already spoken about Bobby Lashley's title run. And I liked Bobby Roode breaking it.

Image © Robertlbeukema via Wikimedia Commons.

The origin of Storm's Revolution still doesn't make sense to me. And he's not really taking over TNA, is he? But at the same time, I'm enjoying the strangeness.

Though I have to say, the new material with Mahabali Shera doesn't make sense. Why are we seeing from his perspective? Did they strap a GoPro to his head?

I'm not talking about Dixie Carter going through the table.

And as I said last time, the X Division got predictable at the end of the year.

Image © TNA Wrestling via Wikipedia.

If I had to sum up TNA's 2014 in two words, they would be "Slow down".

Their stories have a lot of good aspects, but they seem to run through them full tilt instead of letting them unfold organically.

And they need to focus a bit more on continuity as well.

But there's still a lot of good to find in their shows. And I definitely won't stop watching.

– Stark

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