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TNA Impact Specials – Year End Awards 2014: UK Air Date 4th January 2015

We've finally done it. We've reached the last Impact Special and the first episode of 2015.

But what were the awards? Who won them? And do I agree?

Let's take a look.

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But first: who is holding the camera for the Revolution segments? And why haven't they called the police yet?

Ah well. At least they're being suitably racist by making the Indian guy change his name entirely.

Anyway. The awards.

And of course Best Feud went to Dixie Carter versus Bully Ray. You know how much I hate that feud. Everybody on Earth knows how much I hate that feud.

You know who I would have picked? EC3 versus Rockstar Spud. Because at least I had some emotional investment there.

Then we have Best Newcomer: Bram. And I'd agree with that. From what I remember, his win-loss record has been pretty impressive.

And I would have picked his Stairway to Janice match with Abyss as Best Brawl, too.

Don't get me wrong: the Hardcore War was fine. But I cared a lot more about Abyss trying to retrieve Janice than I did about the stupid Dixie and Bully storyline.

Image © Mike Kalasnik via Flickr.

Yes: I cared more about a stick with nails in it than Dixie Carter. Says everything, doesn't it?

As for Knockout of the Year 2014, I'm torn.

I would have gone for Gail Kim. But you know what? Taryn Terrell has had an awesome year, so I'm not gonna grudge her this one.

The Wolves won Tag Team of the Year 2014 and quite right too.

Yeah, Team 3D entered the Hall of Fame, but who spent most of 2014 with the tag team championships? That would be the Wolves then. They were phenomenal last year.

And from the serious to the light-hearted, who was Class Clown?

Well. We have a literal clown on the roster. It'd be weird if anybody BUT Crazzy Steve was Class Clown.

As for Best Dressed, it is a clear travesty that Spud didn't win.

Image © Mike Kalasnik via Flickr.

Sure, Christy Hemme looks beautiful, but does she wear awesome suits like Spud? I think not.

Then we have Biggest Return of the Year. Despite Bobby Lashley having a bigger effect on the title scene, I would agree that Matt Hardy's return was the biggest.

Mostly because more people care about Matt than Lashley. Just saying.

Now my Most Memorable Moment 2014 was Eric Young winning the TNA Heavyweight Championship. So to hell with Dixie and the table.

And finally, we had the TNA Wrestler of the Year 2014.

This was a difficult one. Of the nominees, there were only two I'd dismiss out of hand.

Does Bobby Roode deserve the accolade? Yeah, I'd say he does.

But at the same time, it seems a shame that EC3 didn't win anything. He still hasn't lost by pin-fall or submission in TNA, so it seems that he should have won something.

Image © Mike Kalasnik via Flickr.

But these are just my opinions. Who were your choices for the year?

Let me know. You've got my details.

– Stark

P.S. Havok's grandfather recently passed away and she's raising funds for the funeral expenses. If you can afford to send a little her way, please do.

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