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TNA Impact: UK Air Date 11th January 2015

So it's the first Impact on Destination America.

But was it a good debut? Let's take a look.

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We'll start with the Knockouts. The Battle Royale was fun, although I couldn't help but wonder why they left out Brittany. Too busy making out with Samuel Shaw?

And Taryn Terrell retaining her belt worked for me. After all, she just won it.

But of course the talking point is the return of Awesome Kong and holy heck do I want to see Kong versus Havok. I am stoked for that.

Speaking of returns, Kurt Angle has finally returned to the ring, and of course it was a street fight. TNA are unable to go near New York without at least one street fight. It's practically a law.

I find it hard to get excited about Angle and MVP fighting, though. Especially off the back of the ridiculous brawl that opened the show.

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Who would arrange the faces and heels arriving at the arena at the same time? And how could any of the people in the building see what was going on?

It was a mess.

Unlike the new commentary team. Do I miss Mike Tenay? Sure. But Josh Matthews is a good replacement and he and Taz worked well together. So no complaints from me.

Something else that works for me is the storyline with EC3 and Rockstar Spud. It's fun. It's got a good emotional core. It has friendships made and broken. And it's interesting to watch even if you don't know the backstory.

I freaking love it.

I was also pretty happy with the X Division Championship match.

Why? Because I couldn't guess the ending.

Now I'm a touch disappointed that Low Ki dropped the belt already. And I'm not sure he's really needed where TNA have taken him. But we'll get to that in a minute.

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Speaking of title matches, the Revolution versus the Wolves was interesting. But the way they're trying to build conflict between the Wolves and the Hardys felt forced.

If I were them, I would have spent the whole match trying to help out the Wolves, not just the end. Why? Because there's only two of them, and there are five men in the Revolution. It's simple maths.

Which brings us to our final title match: Bobby Roode versus Bobby Lashley Round 3.

And, of course, MVP's now expanded group.

There's no way to say this without sounding like That Guy, so I'm just going to do it.

MVP, Lashley, Kenny King, Samoa Joe and Low Ki are part of one evil group. And Sanada, Manik and The-Artist-Formerly-Known-As-Mahabali-Shera are in another.

So... do you have to be white before you can be a face in TNA?

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I'm just asking.

And I'm not sure Roode should be dropping the belt already when he only just won the thing, interference be damned.

So first proper Impact of the year and it was... okay. Not bad. But probably not the mind-blowing first outing that TNA wanted.

– Stark

P.S. Havok's grandfather recently passed away and she's raising funds for the funeral expenses. If you can afford to send a little her way, please do.

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