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TNA Impact: UK Air Date 18th January 2015

And I'm back with another Impact review. If I'm lucky, I'll actually get caught up by the end of this week.

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Starting with the Knockouts, the tag match was fine. But I have to say, Taryn Terrell doesn't have a story attached to her at the moment, and she should. She's the Knockouts champion.

But instead, the focus is on Brooke and her relationship with Robbie E. That doesn't sit well with me. Female wrestlers can have stories that are not directly linked with a man, dammit.

It just makes me all the more grateful for the build between Havok and Awesome Kong. It's a match I want to see because the emphasis isn't on dudes: it's on two big, strong amazing women planning to beat the hell out of each other.

That's why I watch wrestling, TNA. Not to see people bickering with their ex-boyfriends.

Having said that, I love the plotline between Rockstar Spud and EC3 and that's practically the same thing. So maybe I'm a hypocrite.

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But then again, the Spud and EC3 plotline happened on Impact and we saw it develop. So it actually makes sense.

Unlike the Revolution, who baffle me. James Storm is trying so hard to be Bray Wyatt that it hurts. I don't know why they've changed Mahabali Shera's name to Khoya. And I don't know what they're trying to achieve.

They're just... there. And it's incomprehensible.

The way they sat in the balcony to watch the match between the Wolves and the Hardys was hilarious, though.

As for that match, I thought it was awesome.

I don't have a narrative reason for not wanting the Hardys to win: I'm just a Wolves mark. So I'll see where that goes and won't complain.

But jeez, the Wolves just can't catch a break, can they?

Nor can Austin Aries.

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I have no idea why TNA put the X Division title on him one week and put it back on Low Ki the next. It's ridiculous.

Either give your championships significance or don't bother having them at all.

To be fair, Kurt Angle versus Samoa Joe was a nice trip down memory lane. And Eric Young's No DQ match with Bobby Roode was alright.

But I have a problem with the Beat Down Clan as a concept. TNA have this obsession with bringing in large power stables to threaten the company and it's getting old.

The Main Event Mafia. Immortal. Aces & Eights. Dixieland. And now the Revolution and the Beat Down Clan?

I'll talk more about this another time, but to make a long story short: we've seen this before. It's boring. Do something else.

And I have no idea if Bobby Lashley is a face now because he rejected the BDC. I suppose I'll find out next episode.

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This wasn't a bad episode, but it felt insubstantial. I'm hoping I'll become invested in the plots they have in the weeks to come, but right now?

I don't care. And that's a problem.

– Stark

P.S. Havok's grandfather recently passed away and she's raising funds for the funeral expenses. If you can afford to send a little her way, please do.

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